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When we knew about Jaime´s death we got in shock. Chalk and Grips team, simply could not believe that fact. We spent 3 hours delivering if we should publish it or not. It was a rumor, nothing was confirmed yet.

Two were the news items that confirmed us that terrible situation. Traditional Media is used to report this kind of information, but for us it was the first time. For them, the people involved were just another ones, for us not. Jaime was a companion, a friend, a brother, a son and an athlete, a man who after years of hard work and discipline was accomplishing his goals, for us he was a dreamer and an unflagging warrior.

As a web that is part of the media industry is our obligation to raise our voice, is our job to give a name to the indignation, rage and sadness that this event causes to us. We would like to say that what happened to Jaime was a case in a million, that our Mexico is in peace but it is not. Violence and murders are happening every single day, no matter the hour, the place or the social or economical context.
Violence is increasing, despite what our politicians may say in the international scene. Mayhem is gnawing us, is taking away the best of our society, it is blowing away our students, our athletes, our social activists, our journalists and people who works day bay day to reach a better life. Violence is tearing away our family, our friends, our people and unless we do something about, it will take one of us, even you.
What kind of people we are that we feel capable to private someone to dream? What kind of people we are that we prefer to keep silent about injustice? Who we are to not confront our reality? Who we are to not raise our voice?
Jaime represented with pide and responsibility our national colors, in his own words, He “defended them with passion”. Today is our work to act like he used to, with courage and devotion.
As a gymnastics community we have always shown our solidarity, no matter our colors, our nationalities, our territorial borders, we have always defended one common thing, our love to gymnastics, this moment should not make the difference.
Claim for Jaime and for all those innocent people who have been snatched to us. It is time to tell the world what is happening in Mexico. We want to ask our audience from México and from other countries to feel our pain so you can repost our voice, help us to demand “Justice”.
We should not let reality exceed us.
And as Jaime used to say “ No muscle will stop us, just the hearth”.

Photography: Shots 4 Sports Gimnasia